Problem Solving with Magnets

Magnet Problem Solving 2 Magnet Problem Solving 3

Oops! Quite a while ago we did a really cool project with magnets and never posted the pictures. So here they are! Some paper clips were dropped behind a bookcase and we wanted to get them back. We had yarn, pipe cleaners, tape, and magnets to use. There were so many great ideas for how to get the paper clips back.

Ups! Hace bastante tiempo que hicimos un proyecto muy fresco con imanes y nunca publicó las imágenes. Así que aquí están! Algunos clips de papel se retiraron detrás de una estantería y pensamos que era para recuperarlos. Tuvimos hilado, limpiadores de pipa, cinta adhesiva, y los imanes para su uso. Había tantas grandes ideas para cómo obtener los clips de papel hacia atrás.


Magnet Problem Solving 4 Magnet Problem Solving 5 Magnet Problem Solving 6 Magnet Problem Solving

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