Field Trip Writing

The ExploreOrrs wrote about our field trip. The initials after each sentence(s) show who authored each section.

Going to the Kennedy Center was great. We got to see so many cool places. (MH) On the way there and back it was so fun to talk to our partners on the bus. (LP) On the bus we saw the Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials. (AC)

When we got to the Kennedy Center we went through the Hall of Nations. We saw Japan, Argentina, America, and a whole lot of other flags. (AC) When we to the Hall of Nations (a hall that has country flags hanging from the ceiling) it was very fun naming some of the countries that we knew. (EE) At the Hall of Nations there were flags from U.N. recognized nations. There was also Sealand but it could also have been Trinidad. (YD)

At the concert we got to see all the different instrument families. We got to listen to some amazing music! (CB) One of the best parts of the concert was the percussion. They played a piece called Toybox Escape. It had so much tinkering noises. We liked the xylophone. (SH) The field trip was really fun because the music was really cool. (MP) During the concert it was loud but the music was great. (LB) When they played the movie it was cool. The musicians played along with it without even watching it. (BR) We learned a lot about the different types of instruments, brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion and we heard lots of different pieces from musicians. (IH) In the concert they played a song from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with only woodwinds. In the end they played an animation that had no sound at all and they used the instruments to tell the story. (AC)

We loved the concert and we got to share our favorite instrument after the concert. (JC) After the concert it was hard getting on the bus because it took forever to leave. (LB)

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