Jan 31

Reading Time

In these photos you can see the cozy, comfy places we find to read. You’ll also see a few students using Playaways, recorded books, as they read along. We just got a Donors Choose funded so we’ll be getting more of those for students to use soon!

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Jan 26


Dismissal takes a long time at our school (not surprising since we have more than 20 buses as well as walkers and car riders). The students who are last to be dismissed wait quite a while. These two made good use of their time!

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Jan 20


I happened to be walking back to our classroom after a meeting one day recently and I heard beautiful music. Luckily I realized it was coming from my class in music! I popped in to grab a few photos and listen a little longer.

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Jan 19


Last week we returned to our study of multiplication and division. To get started, students worked a word problem and a few students shared the strategy they used. That was a big help for students who were having difficulty with the problem. And they all seem to learn better from each other!

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Jan 18

Strong Person, Pirate, Hula

The students don’t often pick this activity for morning meeting, but when someone does, many of them cheer. Everyone stands back to back with a partner. On the count of three, they strike a pose as a strong person (showing off muscles), pirate (covering one eye like an eye patch), or hula dancer (waving arms back and forth at about hip height) and turns around. The goal is to have you and your partner pick the same one. The result is often not that, but it does involve a lot of giggles.

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