Jan 19

Applying for New Jobs

We have two different types of jobs in our classroom. One set change every day. Those include our line leader and meeting manager and physical trainer. Everybody gets to do those jobs about once a month. The other jobs are ones students have for weeks. They apply for those jobs so they decide what they’re interested in and would be good at. These jobs include things like attendance monitor (that person tells me who is absent), scheduler (who sets up our daily schedule on the board), plant waterer, librarians (take care of our classroom library), and more.

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Jan 17

Multiplication Problem Solving

As we got back to studying multiplication and division, we started off with a Task and Share. Students tried out one multiplication problem and then a few of them shared how they had solved it. Everyone got to see several different strategies and deepen their understanding of how multiplication works. They did an awesome job!

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Jan 16

Sharing Fairy Tale Work

Throughout December we worked on writing our own fairy tales. These might be closely based on fairy tales we know or they might just use a fairy tale character or plot point and go in a completely new direction. As we finished them up, some students shared dialogue, action, or setting from their stories.

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